CROWTHER CAMP EVENT CALENDAR 2019                                                            
DATE              DAY             EVENT                                       LOCATION      COORDINATOR  
Mar 23rd     Saturday    Medal of Honor Dedication  Huntingdon     Bro. J. Crider
April 6th       Saturday    Appomattox Luncheon           Somerset          Bro J. Crider
April TBD      Saturday    Visit to Hearthside Center     State College    Bro. D. Harer
May 18th       Saturday    Armed Forces Day Cerm.       Altoona          Bro C. Campbell
May 27th       Monday     Memorial Day  Cerm .            Huntingdon    Bro. P. Hileman
                                                                                       Bro. M. Niebauer     Bro. D. Harer
June 7-9        Fri-Sun       Civil War Weekend OBV        Bedford              Bro. D. Sinal
                                                                                                                         Bro J. Wilson
June 27-30    Thu-Sat     State Encampment                 King of Prussia   Bro R. Long
                                                                                                                         Bro. J. Crider
July TBD         TBD            Visit to Garvey Manor            Hollidaysburg   Sis. McClellan
Sept 15th        Sunday      Camp Picnic                              Bellwood          Cdr  Wesner
Sep 27-29      Fri-Sun       DelGrosso Civil War WKEND   Tipton, Pa       Bro J. Crider
                                                                                                                   Bro. M. Niebauer
October         TBD            Trip to Fredericksburg VA     Fredericksburg   Bro J. Dillon   
                                                                                             Bro C. Dillon   Bro M. Paquette
October 19   Saturday     Tri-Camp Social                       Somerset        Bro G. Simmons
Nov 23rd      Saturday    Remembrance Day                  Gettysburg          Bro J. Wilson
                                                                                                                     Bro. C. Campbell
Dec 15th      Sunday        Camp Holiday Gathering        Altoona               Bro. D. Crider