Colonel James Crowther

              Camp #89

Col. James Crowther

Tyrone, Pa.

Camp #89.

We are brothers in every respect; sharing what some describe as small-town values and a desire to help our community be a better place for future generations. 


The following Preamble to our camp by-laws expresses why we have come together to once again establish this camp in Central Pennsylvania:


We the members of the Col. James Crowther Camp #89, who are descendants of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or members of the Revenue Cutter Service, who served the United States of America during the War of the Rebellion of 1861 to 1865, have formed this Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War for the purposes set forth in the National Constitution and Regulations of the Order, and in so doing pledge ourselves to commemorate our fathers’ deeds, to render loyal service to our communities and our Country, and to promote the maintenance of unqualified American citizenship with respect for and honor to our Nation’s flag.


While our structure and goals remain the same as the original camp, there are a couple of differences that enable us to increase participation in our work.  We have the ability to offer associate memberships in the camp to individuals who do not have a line to an ancestor that fought in the civil war but who share our values and objectives.  In addition, we have a great group of ladies who form our auxiliary.  Their assistance with our projects enables us to do more than we could do ourselves.  We also have a Sons of Veterans Reserve unit, the military, honorary component of our order.


To those who read this greeting, I invite you to join in our work.  We welcome your application as a full or associate member of the camp.  My goal as Camp Commander is the effective execution of educational public projects and events that focus on the pledge made above in the Preamble to our by-laws. 


In F, C & L (Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty)

Dr. Robert R. Hileman Jr.

(Dr. Robert R. Hileman Jr. Passed away on Febuary 19, 2012)